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About the Music of Tony Asch

All Quiet in the Wrecking Yard

This is the second album from Tony Asch. It has 10 more original songs and was recorded at Wire Road Studios in Houston, TX.


The album project was started in November 2020 and was completed in June 2021.



Produced and arranged by Tony Asch, with additional percussion arrangements by Richard Cholakian.


Engineered and mixed by Andrew Bradley.


Mastering by James Kelley at Wire Road Studios.



The following musicians are featured on this album:

  • Tony Asch – Lead vocals, 12-string Guitar, Harmonica, Lead Guitar on Mother Earth Sings, additional Backing vocals on Sound of the Train. 

  • Jeff Abrams – Flute

  • Glen Ackerman – Electric Bass, Upright Bass

  • Richard Cholakian – Drums

  • Eddie Guinn – Drums on Summer Comes, Summer Dies

  • Ricki Hasou – Piano, backing vocals

  • Susan Kirkwood – Violin, backing vocals

  • Lynn H. Vogel – Banjo on Sound of the Train

Busted and Mended

This debut album of original songs was recorded in Houston, Texas with sessions at 226 Recording Studio (formerly in the Heights), Lucky Run Studio, and Wire Road Studios. 


The idea was to rehearse all of the parts ahead of time and to capture the entire final cut with everyone playing together in the studio. This method was used on the songs; GO, Promising More, * I Saw My Dad, and Floatin'. All of these were captured live at 226 Recording Studio with the following musicians:

  • Tony Asch - Lead Vocals, 12-string Guitar, Harmonica

  • Mark Sellers - Bass guitar

  • Jeff Abrams - Flute

  • Anthony Pearson - Lead Guitar

  • Susan Kirkwood - Violin

  • Dawn Sandlin - Percussion

* I Saw My Dad was recorded with Tony Asch singing solo and playing on his Taylor 356ce 12-string guitar. 

One musician was added to GO at Wire Road Studios: 

  • Ricki Hasou - Piano

The same rehearse-and-capture-live process was used at Lucky Run Studio on the songs; This Old Town, Muscle Car and Royal Blue with the following musicians:

  • Tony Asch - Lead Vocals, 12-string Guitar, Harmonica

  • Mark Sellers - Bass guitar

  • Antonio "Pappatone" Gravina - Lead Guitar, Backing vocals

  • Eddie Guinn - Percussion

Two musicians were added to Royal Blue at Wire Road Studios. These were:

  • Jeff Abrams - Flute

  • Ricki Hasou - Piano

The rough mixes from the two previous studios were taken to Senior Engineer; Andrew Bradley for engineering at Wire Road Studios where they underwent his masterful polishing process. While at Wire Road Studios, the final songs; Contents of a Drawer and * Dad's Farm were recorded. On Contents of a Drawer, the musicians are:

  • Tony Asch - Lead Vocals, 12-string Guitar, Backing vocals

  • Jeff Abrams - Flute

  • Ricki Hasou - Piano


* On Dad's Farm, all instruments and vocals are played and performed by Tony Asch.

The entire album was mastered at Wire Road Studios by Owner and Chief Engineer; James Kelley

So Many Heroes

A message from Tony Asch:

April 8th, 2021

Hello and Welcome;

After Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area In August of 2017, my friend and fellow musician; Jeff Abrams organized a Hurricane Relief house concert to raise funds for The Houston Food Bank.

I was asked to perform and, while rehearsing, wrote ‘So Many Heroes’. My wife, and fellow musician; Ricki Hasou composed the piano part and added backing vocals. We performed the song at the house concert and were immediately inundated with audience requests for a copy of the song. In response to the feedback, I contacted our friend Andy Bradley; Senior Engineer at Wire Road Studios who booked a session for us and provided his engineering skills. I asked our friends Mark Sellers and Dawn Sandlin to bring their Bass guitar and Percussion talents to the song and they both graciously volunteered their time, along with Jeff Abrams who volunteered his flute talents.

We all went into Wire Road Studios and captured the song in a single session.

The song was skillfully Mastered by Wire Road Studios Chief Engineer and Owner; James Kelley and we had it ready for distribution shortly thereafter.

The song was published to Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify in 2017 with my commitment that all of the proceeds would benefit The Houston Food Bank for one year; from September 2017 to September 2018. At the end of that year, we had raised under a hundred dollars in online purchases. Wanting more than that, my musician friends and I added to the funds and donated $500.00 to The Houston Food Bank at the end of the fund raising campaign in 2018.

The song is now available here for purchase. It is important for me to inform you that, in the spirit of this song’s existence, all money generated from the sale of this song goes toward a weekly ongoing effort to feed those in need through the preparation of meals donated, each Tuesday, to Casa Juan Diego in Houston, Tx. You can learn more about this organization by clicking the following link:

Thank you all for supporting live music and for all efforts to be kind to one another.

Love and Peace,


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